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There’s a difference between writing a book and making a book, as reported by a witty post by Susanna Casale in which she talks about the book of the artist. An object must communicate with all its parts, i.e. forms, material used, color, layout.

The self publisher must use the same meter. Often an author thinks that once he/she finished writing (task which involves multiple phases of work) the operation is completed and it will be the value of the book to decree its merits. For a writer make a book and write a book are two things which should compensate each other. Writing, in essence, is a phase of doing.

Let’s just say ethics and marketing are aspects that don’t always go hand in hand. If for the first, when you have nothing to say, don’t say anything, it’s a good equation, for the second all this is absolutely wrong because repeat, repeat, repeat, is the trick of evangelization.


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These rows are not a manual of advice but, at most, personal notes. Here I don’t face the subject of writing, in which we could insert, in short, text, rewrite, revision, editing and proofreading.

The message of the work shouldn’t ignore the cover, the back cover, the presentation notes. The back cover and the presentation notes require a summary not reduced to slogans (maybe, if you want, put the slogan on the cover). We need the right dimension and the right words. Thus the book becomes a single block of expression and every aspect is the extension of the other one.

The iconography of rock music, for example, include endless anecdotes about the choice of album covers entered in history and that have taken their own path with respect to the same album.


If it’s true everyone has to take care of their field of relevance, in a scenario like that the self-publisher is a pentathlete who moves on a wider track, so he/she must become familiar with different disciplines. And if the disciplines increase, the possibility of make mistakes and missteps increases.

An independent writer can turn to professionals in the sector. In this case, there will expenses to pay, so why avoid publishers and even more those to pay? The answer is obvious: doing it all yourself is rewarding (and tremendously tiring), but also dangerous and, sometimes, presumptuous. Delegating can be good, because we can have another judgement and a comparison. Everyone should do their job and the limit of an indie is precisely to undermine all trades.


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