We’ll miss you to death: funeral on television


Funeral on television


In the sea of format

Lack of creativity. Very bad ideas. Common sense which can’t be found. Every type of reality is broadcast on television. In a little time we will also watch funerals. Everything will be perfect. Testimonies of childhood and adolescent friendships. The first kiss. Anecdotes. Family members. The school and professional path. The prophecies, the pro and cons of the de cuius.

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The financial agency which granted the first loan is on TV and sponsors the episode. But also the bank in which the dear dead credited the pension is on on TV, and it’s the second sponsor of the episode. The neighbours. The favorite singer who will obviously take care of the soundtrack and who, already on TV, will also talk about his new projects. A presumed lover will add some rude detail. To increase the suspense, a mysterious fact unknown to relatives will emerge. Very useful would be some movies in which the dear dead talked about himself. In short, it will be a real show!

Just a Joke?

Do not worry, I’m joking: the format about the last greeting is still missing … at least for now. I don’t love reality shows, but I don’t hate them. I’m Indifferent. Sometimes I see them when I’m crazy about zapping. funeral

The other night I was watching a format about wedding in the dark. I don’t remember the title: the spouses don’t know each other, they’re seen for the first time in front of the altar and they have to marry. The presentation of one to the other between embarrassment and curiosity strikes too much.

All ingredients are present. It would also be fun, if it were a fake show. I ignore the statistics about the couple unions, I can’t say if they’re falling. In this case, it could be an idea to increase them.


Time would be come to abolish it, the marriage. Always love each other, never marry, repeat the divorced. Whatever the idea of each one, I believe the idea of getting married without knowing one’s partner, in reality, is dated: there was a time when a union wasn’t decided by the direct interest, but by the families. Women were subject to choice, somewhere in the world is still like that and it seems like an aberrant thing. funeral

Now, to seal all this together, there’s television. I understand: is the law of the show and there are many persons who like to get excited, cry in front of the screen. What better opportunity if not a wedding? And then, the reason is of those who makes TV ratings.


I don’t want to criminalize TV. I’m pointing out a lack of ideas (this one about marriage is a dangerous vintage). I’m sorry to run into moralism, but is doing rhetoric writing that marrying is not a television game? If so, I’m sorry; just as I understand how subtle has become the line between preaching and good taste. And this is what the television creative plays on.

I can’t teach the art of life to anyone, but shows like those are daughters of the concept “everything makes a show”, like a selfie in front of an accident or over the ruins of a collapse. Just see in internet to find similar testimonies.

This is why, bitterly, I announce the arrival of the new format. Maybe it will have another title and appropriate parameters, but I’m convinced the times will come soon for We’ll miss you to deathFuneral on television. (don’t) miss!