Speaking of Cesare





Everything always begins before the yoga lesson. You arrive in advance, sit on the carpet to prepare for relaxation; the defenses are down, we make a small talk waiting for the lights turn out leaving only a lamp to seal our chit-chat, then dispersing them into the darkness. It looks like a forum, we are facing each other but we are ready to break away from the world and the facts of the day spent, at least for an hour. It’s a necessary time oasis in chaos generated by the frenzy.

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A girl from Vicenza moved in Rome is looking for work. Work is ennobling, but we are all children of the plebeians. If it really ennobles is to be demonstrated: work takes much of the day, holds us hostages to live and takes off, slowly or not, the joy of living. The solution, if possible, is not to become addicted of a gear, because work actually takes off a precious thing: the time for oneself.

This concept doesn’t concern who makes a job he/she loves because feeling gratified by his occupation is a way to work with less frustration; If anything, he/she must beware a society which doesn’t facilitate who’s passionate about everything he/she does and is forced to do that much, but not more. Different and more complicated, of course, is the life of the unemployed. If you don’t have perspective, everything is okay, but everything is wrong, because that’s the moment you become a slave. Speaking

Slave: what a bid word! Digital slaves, reachable anywhere and anytime, maybe just to receive a message in whatsapp which warns: you are out, we do not need you anymore.

The girl from Vicenza knows something about it. Before arriving in the capital, she stayed in Naples and is in the city of the gulf someone suggested her the solution: remove whatsapp from the phone in order that no one can warn her of any dismissal. It’s not a solving plan to remain in work, but It’s a strategy to confuse. In Naples are all accidental singers and philosophers. The girl from Vicenza, with her Nordic accent, is unbalanced in a difference between Neapolitan and Roman workers, clarifying a commonplace sees the Neapolitan living of expedients, but they will always be busy in something; the Roman, instead, if he can avoid working, he does it so gladly. Roman, according to tradition and popular belief, does nothing, but he does it better than anyone, and the experience combined with the application refines its practice.

Actually, in the system we live, it’s fundamental to minimize the possibility of making errors: who does little, makes few mistake; who does nothing, doesn’t make mistake. The Roman knows it well. We can’t know what Caio Giulio Cesare would think about his fellow citizens. The life of the man who had to look out for his adopted son had already been complicated. Speaking

And speaking of Cesare, a dilemma is born: the Roman is so lazy who drives the foreigner to wonder how Rome has expanded up to conquer an empire.

I’m sure that, past two millennia, the Rugantino inside the Roman being, still needs to rest and relax from the old battles. Like us, here, in the yoga room. Lights go down. We are ready. Shut up. Legs crossed. Om.



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