Show business’ stars – chapter three

Show business’ stars




Show business’ stars

Troubles in my career began in a theater of the distant Este, province of Padova, on account of a show called Confessions of an actress of failure, which was staged harassment suffered by a girl with fine attainments. I played the role of the teacher who was looking for a physical collaboration with the actresses.


My beloved…

Dear, dearest…

You are adorable…

Oh, teacher…

I read your monologue the other day…


You are a genius!

No, you are a genius, teacher.

But no, you are a genius, honey.


Yes… and don’t contradict me, bad girl!


But I’ll sign your monologue for you!



But noooo…

Yes, if you wanna work…

You asked me for a very high price, master: what the fuck!

How dare you: I’ll let you work!


Yes, just because you are a genius!

If I’m a genius, then you’re amazing!

No, you make me blush in this way… why do you tell me this?

Because you let me work!

Only because you are so dear to me: the dearest of all!

It’s late, teacher. I have to go.

Where are you going?


Stay here with me tonight, and I’ll let you touch the stars!

Ihhhhhh… Oh Jesus, teacher: this is not a star!

My darling, I am the son of the stars, the son of the night…

Yes, teacher, you are really a son, the greatest of all sons!

Well, not the biggest, I’m an only child, my dear…

Good thing, teacher…

How do you say, honey?

I said you are unique, teacher.

Oh, baby, but you adulate me this way…

Ah, teacher, I adore your eccentricity…

Show business’ stars

Surely it wasn’t the best dialogue in the history of theater, but it was amusing. The director, Bartolomeo Alfonsi, didn’t pay the actress Maddalena Lola and even me, saying there was a misunderstanding about our agreements, but if the show had had more resonance, as he expected, we would have had only to benefit from it.

I finished to shake him, rebelling. He, sturdier than his virtues, got stuck in his chair and cursed me. The image of this man who tried to stand up without anyone helping him spread out the posterity and I had trouble finding new roles.

I had a cordial relationship with Maddalena Lola. A few months later, we met each other in a cabaret pub in Milan, where she had some hook. It was a comedy played on the misunderstanding. Lola had a very low volume of voice and played part of a transgender.

Mary, sincerely interested in my career, was extremely worried about the gossip come into the capital and she believed Lola was a trans. Her apprehension amused me, and I didn’t clarify the identity of my colleague. One night on the phone, after the show, Mary anguished me with moralism. It was late, my head was bursting, and I began to joke about her vulnerabilities.

– I’m worried, Rick. You’re doing a vulgar thing; you waste your talent.

– Listen, Carmela…

– No, Rick, don’t fuck me with the story of Maria Carmela. That’s just a name on my identity card. You know I suffer about it!

– You’re an unconscious trans, Mary.

– And you’re an asshole, Rick and you’re bad. You’re a bad asshole!

Show business’ stars


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