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Super Cashiers


Preview by Emmanuele Catalbianco

With his “Super Cashiers”, Enrico Mattioli gives us a desecrating and jolly break in the modern life. Forced in a job transfigured into the quintessence of our capitalist life, Enrico’s characters become the personification of sophisticated paranoias and composed neuroses.

Through a systematic proposal of unusual conversations, made of politically incorrect answers that challenge our civilized common sense, Mattioli makes us see, in all their bareness, the contradictions of a life ordered on repeating and redundant patterns, made of facilities where the most creative essence of human soul dissolves in favor of an ordered sequence of actions, fragments of real life and pulverization of the whole human being.

The only solution in the face of this loss of sense is a transfiguration of one’s own essence, an overcoming of the professional person condition. The cashier becomes a “Super Cashier”, capable of putting the tiles back together proposing new eccentric forms that free us from the sense of constriction and emptiness of everyday life. The line to the checkout is the stage of this new superhero that exercises his renewed un-consciousness applying them on the unaware components of the line itself, little fragments of the stereotyped society and the modern culture.


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Rock n roll stars



Imaginary stories of rock music


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Immerse yourself in the imaginary stories of rock music.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy yourself in the many creative and original stories about rock music from Johnny B. Boogie, a unique owner of an imaginary pub where he gets the chance to meet the idols he has admired for his entire life. Some of you will recognize his name from the famous song by Chuck Berry, Johnny B. Goode, but that’s not the only rock related thing you will read about in this book.

Lose yourself in the many specially crafted stories designed to catch your attention and increase your knowledge of rock music.

Johnny B. Boogie is an eccentric, one-of-a-kind fan, but certainly not a dangerous guy, he evokes the spirits of his idols and interacts with them in this unique look and different perspective at the life and death of many famous rock idols. So, if you’re looking for that rock fix to satisfy your rock itch, you’re in the right place! Don’t waste any more time and pick up this book right now!



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Show business' stars


An incursion into the undergrowth of art and entertainment


Are we the architects of our destiny or do the plots of our lives escape us lefting us impotent in the face of fate? Sometimes it happens that, despite a fierce commitment, the results are not those hoped for. In the attempt of having no regrets you can sacrifice your whole life to realize that time is not a good friend for anyone. Riccardo Nola, the main character of Stars of Dust, after a cruel childhood, discovers as a teenager that acting can have therapeutic effects. The undergrowth of the show business, however, turns out to be a dark forest, where you cannot easily orientat yourself. Rick has a natural talent for choosing bad partners and workmates. This gift accompanies him along the path of his artistic career. Actor graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, his worry is to only work on commercials, due to the bad offices of a manager who brings a nefarious name: Al Sapone. Yet, his friends love him, envy him, confuse his precarious life for adventure. After making little artistic experiences, Riccardo is forced to get by by working in the local market, but you cannot control your heart: being bored, he is charmed by a vague project of his friend and colleague Thomas Albergari of Polonghera, from noble origins and wealthy family. The plan consists in bringing on stage (actually, on the road, on public transport or in the squares), monologues taken from a book about the Expedition of the Thousand of Garibaldi, which led them from the capital to Sicily. While the General managed to unify the country, however, the paths of Thomas and Richard will take different directions.


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Super customer


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Why is a nickname more indicative compared to our name? Personal details are the result of the choice of others. Sooner or later, when we enter the world of work, those letters will become numbers. On the other hand, a nickname is linked to a really happened event or to a personal trait. In a manner of speaking, it reveals our true identity.

In consumer society, where all echoes are adulterated – Karl Marx is the man of chocolate with the caramel layer and Che Guevara has killed Spider-Man – identity becomes a main topic. Keeping it and being involved as little as possible by the obsession with buying, is a primary matter.

Leopoldo Canapone, protagonist of Dear Customer, every day witnesses the procession of customers infatuated by the commercials and promotional offers. He also knoews a lot about nicknames and, above all, he had an identity. Aspiring actor, he was sure in the end he would enter the Cinecittà Studios. He wrong a few hundred meters. Years later, he stamped the card in the supermarket near to the film establishments, but after all, also it was art because, as a sales clerk, he had to wear a mask and smile to the audience.

“ The customer is a fucked customer and not a fucking customer ” – Leopoldo Canapone.


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Mail from land


Omar Mumba has a unique hobby: collecting letters. These are letters from the non-profit associations that operate in those lands where the people's needs are absolute. Omar reads them all the time, even when he is on duty at the hotel where he works. For this reason it is mocked by colleagues and superiors.

The attitude of helping others makes him alone. His days pass between listening to the music of the U2 and the household chores, the work and a recurring accusation: who is it that punctures the tires of his boss's car? 

In every government system contradictions between rich and poor proliferate that then become traditions to be respected. The society in which we live has applied the norm that we can be happy, even if others are not. 

All you have to do is not to be among those others.


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Best' generation



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Emilio - a Beatles fan - earns little money as a guitar teacher. Taciturno works by distributing advertising flyers. The Bestemmia works in a relative's delicatessen. The Cobra arranges himself as a driver in the underworld business and Rigatone is a rock music photographer. Football and music are their only reasons for living.

Their existences flow slowly, as if time had stopped at the time of adolescence...

However, there is an outstanding account that each of them has with a rampant politician, their dear old friend...

Story of a generation plagued by Pete Best's disease.  


"Nobody could be John, Paul, George or Ringo, but we are all Pete Best and in one way or another we had to adapt with what was left."

Emilio Santini


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