Originality of the animal


Originality of the animal


The ones I love the most are the people who have probably not even completed the fourth grade, that is, the absolutely simple people. I’m not saying this as a rhetoric. The petit-bourgeois culture, at least in my country (but perhaps also in France and Spain), is something that always leads to corruption, to impurities. While an illiterate person, someone who has completed the first years of primary school, always has a certain grace that is then lost through culture. The average culture is more corruptive.

 Pier Paolo Pasolini


In a nutshell, these thoughts date back to forty-five years ago. In our days those simple people who didn’t even complete the fourth grade didn’t exist. But not because of school: nowadays, television has become the school. The language is homologated by the Internet, by the mobile phone, and indeed by the TV. Pasolini ( also on this subject), made a fierce portrait of it but referred to the television of that time. Today the chasm is deeper because the illiterate Pier Paolo was studying has been weaned by the cathode ray tube and not by the school.

Human relationships are filtered by all those superstructures that accompany him throughout his existence. Frustrations, simple rules to cope with, and being competitive.

Most of his comparisons, if reduced to an honest summary, would be composed of concepts like I am better at this than you, I am more important than you. In other words, the social position, the presumed abilities. The possession of things, of people. The emulation brings out unacceptable anonymity. Last week, I witnessed an attack on the Bengali people. They were all children of about ten or twelve years old and one was screaming at the assaulted: what was he saying? Talk ‘tajano…

The cliché about wasted youth and ignorance has no bearing on this. How many people, today, even among adults, are able to speak and, above all, write correctly in their own language without the help of the T9 or the automatic corrector?

Simplicity, purity, naturalness, can only be found in the animal. If you are looking for a genuine relationship, not alienated, where words are useless, where there is no planned deceit in their looks, all this can’t be found in humans, but in beasts. They don’t care about your work, your name, your appearance. They know that everything goes through, touches, changes, except the love they feel for you. They love each other regardless of what they know about you, much more than you are aware of. For this reason, despite the derision of those who consider these lines as shallow backlogs and strong rhetoric, frequently drawn from the search for themselves or whatever it is.