Online shopping: the future of the supermarket


Online shopping

Online shopping


In meditation and yoga practices in general, the future does not exist and neither does the past. The concept of the here and now emerges.

We divide time into hourly and psychological. With the first term, we mean a conscious fraction that allows us to regulate the normal activities of the day. When the cognition of hourly time is lost, we fall into psychological time: the mind takes over, identifying with the past, generating old anxieties, tensions, negative emotions. Hourly time is also about considering the past as a lesson for not repeating mistakes, planning goals, and reaching them.
In business and work activities in general, it is necessary to stick to schemes and formats, interpret graphs, consult statistics. Above all, it is essential to plan for the future: which one, then, for large-scale distribution?

Imagine the old spaces of large sizes as showrooms for commercial entertainment, whose turnover will be mainly digital.

Shopping will take place online. Some commercial groups are already experimenting with pilot projects. It will change a life. The persons, for reasons of job deprived of all the own time, will have of it less and less. The act of shopping will be consumed from the cell phone, as is already the case with giants like Amazon. There will be an increase in bills for deliveries, which could take place, hypothetically, at one’s place of work, an hour after placing the order, or directly at home, once back.

Further possible developments include shopping without waiting in line at the checkout. Through an application on the cell phone, a code is scanned and accessed at the point of sale. One does the shopping normally, under the control of cameras and sensors that keep track of every type of movement of the client. Once the tour is over, you leave with bags and purses. An account is linked to the phone app to charge the shopping. Other security options include facial recognition and sensors in the packages.

These scenarios will put jobs at risk, as is obvious. Perhaps, they will create others, but in five, ten, or fifteen years, the landscape of large-scale retail, will change. If it were the Spoon River Anthology, it would go like this:

Where are Alfredo Toffolo, Donna Boccione, Mrs. Scarola, and Nico, the elderly thieving poet, the sour old woman, the unhappy but defiant woman, the junkie escaping from one floor to another?
And where are Mr. Vacca, Leopoldo Canapone, Miss Alberta, and Dr. Gagliardo Guidozzi, the obtuse cashier, the negligent employee, the secretary, and the chief of staff?
Everyone, everyone is lost between the pages of Cast and Customer and All you need is shopping.

It’s obviously not Lee Masters‘ celebrated anthology and I, immodestly, got carried away. Still, there will remain suppressed stories, lives suspended between fantasy and reality, events that perhaps no one will read. These are the times that change and leave along the way fragments to be treasured.


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