One, nobody and Facebook


One, nobody and Facebook

One, nobody and Facebook

I know people who have deleted themselves from Facebook and are still alive!


It’s just a joke, but it expresses the wonder of the world which continues beyond social media. Sometimes, the most obvious things seem out of reach.

At the bottom of everything, there’s the way we use it.



After a quick investigation, I find out I have been registered on Facebook since October 2008. So, in about a month and a half, I’ll celebrate ten years of presence on the best known social network.

They haven’t been years of awareness. I spent too much time on it. Sometimes, I became addicted to it. It has threatened my life. He affected my mood. I dedicated him many of my dead times. I think: those dead times have been countless. Too many. The trouble, not the only one, is Facebook says it, I wasn’t aware of it.



Yes. This is a second problem. How many things are we really aware of, in the society in which we live?

I’ve been doing yoga and meditation for three years. I’m not a teacher, but I know they have good effects on me. They improved my life system as much as possible. It’s complicated to explain and I don’t want to tell about techniques, because the words often betray the essence we can only understand by practicing.

Our mind continually offers us images, memories, words, subjects: we must learn to recognize them to let them go away and get closer to what we are in the Now. Time doesn’t exist. We aren’t our mind. Defusion is the intent to bring it back (the mind) to its natural role.



Facebook has only dilated my personal problem: leave the existence at the mercy of the events. Facebook is the metaphor of an era in which we have the sensation of not being the masters of our lives and destinies. A sentence that has a very ephemeral taste of yoga and meditation. The fact is that outside of Facebook there’s another Facebook, represented by new personal neuroses. And Facebook has no responsibility for those.



I have met many people on Facebook. We have all been there, even those who – of course – have canceled themselves from it. The practicality of life teaches if you have something to hide, you have to get out of any experience which keeps your tracks.

I met people who spoke ill of all. I met people who were lying on Facebook as they are lying in real life and, at least in this, they maintain a clear consistency.

Yet, if the problem were to expose an identity – true, presumed, or counterfeited – Facebook (or who for “it”), would be even fundamental. Instead, as expressed by Luigi Pirandello in “Uno Nessuno e Centomila”, the reality is not objective (even the virtual one). No human being has uniqueness in comparison with others. We appear different, according to the people we gradually meet. The identity of the individual is relative. On social networks, we vainly tend to perpetuate an identikit. Each profile refutes the Pirandellian concept of the mask with every person presents himself to others, in the illusion it’s universal.

On account of the contrast between what we believe about ourselves and the multiple ways in which others observe us, first crises are insinuated. Often the way someone perceives us is unacceptable, so we remain prisoners of the effort to show the contrary. This tension is no right or wrong: simply useless.

Meditation aims to abandon ourselves to live in the present, leaving masks imposed by others, transcending the conventions of society.

Facebook is the deceiving attempt to immortalize a changing life, recognizing us in a profile that could be of anyone and of nobody at the same time. If Luigi Pirandello has debated very well the identity crisis of modern man and, in a manner of speaking, has anticipated “social”, Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t invented Facebook, he has drawn it from the unconscious of society.





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