Mister Vacca and Mister Canapone – Pause








– Canapone? Get me the snack ticket immediately, so I’ll take a break …

– Yes, Vacca, but ask the customer if you’ll get you in…

– Excuse me. Could I make me do the receipt of this snack? I have to break.

– Yes sure, please.

– Are you sorry?

– No, go…

– Because if you’re sorry, I’ll wait…

– Absolutely…

– Really?

– You are welcome…

– Sure?

– Come on, Vacca, don’t drag it out…

– Ah, you’re a bit aggressive, I just made you an polite request…

– Okay. Mr. Vacca? Please, go ahead…

– Thank you.

– Canapone?

– Eh?

– Did you hear that customer?

– By which you mean?

– He was really aggressive!

– Mah…maybe you’re always critical…

– Me? Would you say he was right?

– No, not exactly he was right…

– Ah…well, because I just did a polite request…

– Sure sure…

– Are you agreeing with me as to say the reason is of madmen?

– What?

– Oh, so are you saying I’m mad?

– No, Vacca.

– Ah… well, because it didn’t seem. As usual, you explain yourself in a wrong way…

– Ok, Vacca…

– Eh, no, why…

– Vacca? Forgive me if I stop you, but time runs out, I don’t want your break ends!

– Oh! Eh, but you make me talk again and again… and again…




  1. Introduction
  2. The queue
  3. Aggression
  4. Horoscope
  5. Selection
  6. Adverbs
  7. Pronunciation
  8. Family
  9. Obsessions
  10. Robbery
  11. Agreements
  12. Meditation
  13. Fashion
  14. Formalities
  15. Prank call
  16. Problems of consciousness
  17. Clarifications
  18. Pause
  19. Special offers
  20. Something in common
  21. Jealousy
  22. Saturn
  23. Illness





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