Mister Pinocchia – Jealousy










– Good morning, Pinocchia.

– Good morning, manager.

– I saw you cashed Ms. Lola’s shopping.

– Whom?

– Come on, Pinocchia: Ms. Capovolta.

– Uh yeah, a dear friend of mine.

– Ricordi quello che ha comprato? Do you remember what she bought?

– Uhm… two baguettes, five kilograms of pasta, one kilogram of sausages…

– Oh! Don’t you wonder about all that stuff?

– Why should I? Can’t an employee, when they end their turn, do some grocery shopping?

– I tell you what it is: she’s expecting people at home!

– And so?

– Yeah, it must be this, it means she’s got guests. Right, Pinocchia?

– What should I know?

– You said she’s a dear friend of yours, so you might know if someone goes visit her…

– But what is it, a trial?

– So, Pinocchia: speak!

– We are all free people and we can see whoever we want…

– Pinocchia, you have to choose: either you are my friend or Ms. Lola’s friend!

– What do you mean, my friend? This way you make my heart beat, I already feel butterflies on my stomach…

– Pinocchia, how dare you!

– Then I won’t speak…

– Pinocchia, you’re covering that woman, consequences will be terrible!

– Are you threating me, manager?

– Pinocchia, don’t make me lose my temper, or I’ll kick you in the back!

– Ugh… may I keep my mouth shout!

– Pinocchia, speak, I’ll ask you one last time!

– Manager, I don’t understand: if you weren’t married, I would say you’re jealous…

– You’re not supposed to understand, Pinocchia, you’re supposed to answer!

– I know those like you: they only want to make their harem bigger. Do you think you’re a sultan?

– Pinocchia, I’m aching like a dog!

– You deserve that. You all go chasing people that don’t want you back…

– I thought you would understand the situation, I thought you were a… man… of the world!

– What do you find in that simpering one?

– Thank goodness that she is your friend: imagine if she were an enemy!

– What does that have to do with anything, manager? War is war…

– I didn’t expect this attitude from you, Pinocchia…

– Don’t do that, manager, what’s that? Are you crying?

– I never cry, Pinocchia…

– Tonight you and I will go to a bar, we’ll take a cocktail looking into each other’s eyes and you’ll tell me everything…

– Do you think it’s a good idea?

– Yeah manager, it will be good for you.

– Yeah it will, I really needed to talk to someone…

– Uh, but I’m not someone, manager. I’m your friend…

– Thanks Pinocchia, thank you.




  1. Introduction
  2. The queue
  3. Aggression
  4. Horoscope
  5. Selection
  6. Adverbs
  7. Pronunciation
  8. Family
  9. Obsessions
  10. Robbery
  11. Agreements
  12. Meditation
  13. Fashion
  14. Formalities
  15. Prank call
  16. Problems of consciousness
  17. Clarifications
  18. Pause
  19. Special offers
  20. Something in common
  21. Jealousy
  22. Saturn
  23. Illness



Are we really free or are we prisoners of ourselves? Reading the reflections of Omar Mumba, the protagonist of this story, we live recluse in our mental restrictions and we stay this way for much of our existence, learning to move in the narrow spaces of those same bars.
In every type of system, there proliferate contradictions that become traditions to be respected. The society in which we live has applied the norm that says we can be happy, even if the others are not: all you have to do is not to be among those others.
It is a simple equation, basically, yet Omar does not seem to learn. It keeps a singular pastime, if we can call it so: keeping inside a big envelope, all the letters coming from those structures and associations present in forgotten places, where every need is absolute. He reads them continuously, even when he is in the hotel where he works and for this reason, he is mocked by colleagues and superiors. The attitude towards the neighbour in difficulty makes him intransigent, but above all leaves him alone. His days pass between listening to U2 music and household chores, work and a recurrent accusation: who gets his boss’ flat tyre?


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