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– Where is the comptroller? I’m waiting for five minutes…


– I’m in a hurry!

– Here I am!

– Eh, but where did you go?

– I was stocking the shelves, madam.

– You shouldn’t move. People can’t wait for your own needs…

– I was working and then, if we start discussing, you’ll lose more time…

– Ah, you’re a rude man!

– Maybe you’ll not believe it, they hold me for this reason!

– And you’re also very unpleasant…

– If we employees were writing a list of customers’ liking, even if you were the last one. Do you see we have something in common?

– How dare you to insult me in front of my grandson? Marlon, come on, don’t hear this lout…

– How did you say it’s call this kind of baby?

– Marlon, why?

– I bet you have a granddaughter called Brenda!

– I have a granddaughter, but her name is Sharon.

– Sure, Sharon: all names that somehow trend, what’s more?

– What do you want?

– People like you are the ruin of this society, the mediocrity that becomes common; you are the dull fashion, the bottomless sordidness, you are trend-addicted…

– One moment…

– What?

– By chance, do you know Walter?

– And who would be this Walter?

– My daughter’s husband.

– And why should I know him?

– Oh, but do you know you’re right?

– Meaning what?

– I always told Loredana not to marry that idiot and that with time she would fall behind him. Within me, I felt things you said. Do you study sociology or something similar?

– No. Only… cashier. That is, I’m just a supermarket cashier.

– Oh, not a simple cashier, though: you’re a super cashier!

– Thank you.

– You’re welcome. I greet you and wish you a good day. It’s a pleasure to share something which lies in our deep. Goodbye.

– Have a nice day.


Crazy stuff! I have to be more careful when I tug on some heartstrings. That nana has vanished my provocation efforts. Never received so many compliments all together: what a shitty day!




  1. Introduction
  2. The queue
  3. Aggression
  4. Horoscope
  5. Selection
  6. Adverbs
  7. Pronunciation
  8. Family
  9. Obsessions
  10. Robbery
  11. Agreements
  12. Meditation
  13. Fashion
  14. Formalities
  15. Prank call
  16. Problems of consciousness
  17. Clarifications
  18. Pause
  19. Special offers
  20. Something in common
  21. Jealousy
  22. Saturn
  23. Illness



What is the main activity in our existence? To grow up? Be someone in our society? Find a road of your own? 
Whatever this task is, Emilio Santini - the main character of this story - and his friends, do not want to learn to move forward. They hang on, the only street they know is the one of the front door, where they have been living since the '70s, when they were kids, in a suburb of Rome. On the background of a season marked by social tensions, they observe the flow of life with indifference, convinced that getting busy does not help in this system because nothing can change. They have sterile motivations, they have childish justifications, life is good for them as it is, they have settled in the front row of daily greyness to attend the cycle of seasons.
In the messy chronicle of reported events that lead to the transition from the first to the second republic in Italy, Emilio and his old friends are preparing to live the new course supporting the rise of a rampant politician. Soccer and rock music are their only reasons for living, but they believe they can find in the congressperson Andrea Franzoni, a dear old friend of theirs, a shortcut to the difficulties of human life.
Emilio - a Beatles enthusiast - earns little money as a guitar teacher, the Reserved works when he feels like it, distributing advertising fliers, the Blasphemy works in the deli of a relative, always after 10 a.m. and never past 1 p.m., the Cobra makes a living as a driver in poorly licit works, and Rigatone is a rock music photographer.
There is an unfinished business, however, that everyone has with the politician and this will awaken them from the long sleep, giving an assist for the revenge and stem the maturated cynic.
History of a generation afflicted by Pete Best Syndrome.

No one could be John, Paul, George or Ringo, but we all are Pete Best and in one way or another we had to live with what was left.
Emilio Santini


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