Letters from the Johnny’s pub – Marley

The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you

I have many things, but they are all imaginary. Although I know I’m on the right way, I also know I still have a lot of things to do. All this makes me anxious. I’d like to fall asleep and then suddenly wake up without problems.

In the past years I felt the frustration of being in the wrong place and wasting time. Although in this moment everything’s going quite well, I have no more that sensation.

You have to invent spaces in a place that doesn’t allow you to do it and then you have to defend them with all your strength because everything is structured so that your vital segments disappear. You don’t want to give up anymore, now you understand. It’s a bit like fighting for your rights on this earth, in this life. A consideration that doesn’t concern the fact of believing in a better life in the afterlife: there’s nothing wrong with creating a place to be happy here and now, after all.


– No, there’s nothing wrong, bro.

– I knew you’d be there someday.

– I’m happy my message is useful to someone.

– You can say that loudly!


– Oh…

– I’m joking, friend, don’t make that face!

– Ok.

– How’s it going?

– Well. Can I offer you a red beer?

– Thank you.

– Hey, Johnny? – I say to Johnny Be Bup.

– I heard, Johnny, – he replies. – He’s travelling, as usual.

– Bro: is not anyone playing in this place?

– I have to select some musicians.

– Music is the first thing…

– Sure.

-… after the rights, of course…

– Eh, the rights… often you fight alone. You’re alone in life. You’re always alone.

– In fight you find your dignity.

– But reality is not like in the songs. You are good with words, but life…

-… even if you work in a big office, you have to fight to stay afloat.

– Yes, that’s right…

– There’s too much competition in the world, bro…

– That’s the reason why I invented Johnny’s pub.

– It’s my favourite pub, Johnny.

– You make fun of me…

– Yes. But this beer is wonderful…

– Thank you!

– I feel good here, bro. This is a nice evening, isn’t it?

– Oh yes.

– It’s a pity to end it, right?

– That’s right. Do you have something in mind?

– Why don’t you close the pub and we all go out to play football?

– Magnificent idea!

– Well. There is a magnificent square, out here.

– But we are five: the Johnny’s boy!

– It’s not a problem. There’s always some friends to play…


It’s a clear night. The Johnny’s boy team tackles the one of Marley’s brother. The Johnny’s boy prepare to place themselves in the field, but when they arrive on the square they already find those waiting for them.

In addition to Brother Marley, there’s the absent-minded with the I’m mister Roger t-shirt; also Cheeta plays with them and fortunately we don’t use anti-doping; then there’s the girl who sings the blues and the unavoidable Mr. Richards with a cigarette. I don’t understand how he can play smoking a cigarette. My team gets by. Among their ranks, Brother Marley and Mister Roger are good players. The others, well… apart from the girl who, at least, runs as fast as a train, I have too much respect to express my thought, especially about Mister Richards.

The game ends with the result of three to two for us and the other team blames Cita who, to be honest, as a goalkeeper doesn’t be worth a damn.

I raise the shutter and we come back to the room. We drink something and then they all take up an instrument and play together. Some things happen only here, at Johnny’s pub.


  1. Introduction
  2. Pete Townshend
  3. Keith Richards
  4. John Lee Hooker
  5. Janis Joplin
  6. Chuck Berry
  7. Patti Smith
  8. Syd Barret
  9. Debbie Harry
  10. Cheeta
  11. Mick Jagger
  12. Keith Richards, James Brown, John Belushi
  13. Stuart Sutcliffe
  14. Keith Richards 2
  15. Sgt. Pepper
  16. The diabetic guitarist
  17. Bob Marley
  18. Queen
  19. The quick tempered guitarist


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