I broke my chakra – Introduction



Brenda: – Are you listening to me?


Why don’t you answer to me?

Teacher: –

– Because I broke my chakra!


Associazione culturale Il giardino - Rome

"It's fascinating to discover that in the most various cultures and religions, often the words "garden" and "paradise" coincide. From the Koran to the Bible, we find this place of supreme well-being, where the human being finally reaches the dimension of happiness".

Il giardino



Chakra... this stranger. Why a format? I've practicing yoga for a few years and I've followed various meditation, courses, after a first approach to texts related to the topic.

Many people think these disciplines are distant from our culture and look at them with skepticism. I believe everyone should try because, especially on account of the stressful life we have, it's of great help to cut out spaces of time for oneself and find the lucidity we presume always remains intact. Inner peace, instead, must be cultivated like flowers, like the act of keeping in order our house or our bodies.

In this humorous series, I gather short dialogues aroused by distrust, but above all by the approach with which many tend to adapt this practice to their own needs.




Brenda and Brando  are two examples of female and male Alfa: successful and perfectly integrated persons. They approach meditation and yoga more for exhibitionism than for a real search for the self which, in this series, is represented by the Teacher, the means to reach the knowledge.

The Teacher  is powerless in front of their existential questions and finds himself providing a patient Om (the mantra, a monosyllable considered primordial in the culture of yoga) as an answer. The dialogue, therefore, will seem a monologue of these two character, which will remain imprisoned in their own ideas.

When there are no answers, it means the question is wrong.


Who said a yogi is a serious spirit?

A smile and the cheerfulness help improving our days.




I broke my chakra

- Summary -



Jai Guru Deva Om




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