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Promised Land

Promised Land


Latin America and Africa

Years ago I read the book by Gianni Minà, Continente Desaparecidos. The text dealt with the theme of misery and wars in the world: if two economic formats such as communism and socialism have failed, can we say that capitalism has triumphed?

Famine is still a constant in too many places. Conflicts, in many parts of the planet, are permanent. It is clear, at least, that wealth and welfare are not equally divided.

The relevance of the particle

They say that our country is for old people, but they repeat it as if being older is a benefit and not a disadvantaged age group. It is not even a country “for” the poor (it could be “of” the poor, confirming that a particle can change the meaning of a speech). At most, it is the country of the slackers: the busy poor who look rich and rich who look poor. With different aims, principles, and results, this specialty is a classic rather than a trend.
It is not even a country for the rich: if tax evasion is still high, this place is not even for them. The fact is that the rich can choose.


They increase business, large groups and multinationals, that is, brands, acronyms. Huge capitals used to corrupt governments, tax systems skillfully bypassed, it is the era of the Big Brother (1984 – George Orwell), more or less, our current way of life.

The world we live in looks like a pine forest where the human being is an abusive camper well aware that there is something wrong and unfair around him.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the principles of collective management affect every aspect of existence, there is a populist feeling that whatever choice is made at an electoral level, it will be in vain, because the social will is still induced by small groups – financial and economic – that control the masses through communication. Democracies, therefore, become a surpassed (or surmountable) system of government (or obstacle).

Dissatisfaction Frustration Desolation

Every condition does not last forever. The idea of a world without politicians and banks (now considered the absolute evil), is a confused vision. The politician, whether in good or bad faith, is perceived as a figure no longer able to predict, plan, grasp, represent, and more generally fulfill the task for which he is chosen by the voter, because now (this is the accusation) responds exclusively to the interests of credit institutions and financial forces.

The last utopia is called Blue Frontiers. A floating nation outside the legal systems that will be launched in 2022 off Tahiti in French Polynesia. Its rise in international waters will allow independence from any other state. Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder of PayPal, is financing the $50 million project. The Crypt currency Varyon (Token Varyon) will be the currency.

The structure is environmentally friendly with life at sea: 300 houses, hotels, restaurants, and offices, all roofs are covered with vegetation and solar panels. Polynesian bamboo, coconut fiber, recycled wood, plastic and metal will be used for the construction.


The utopian line that foresees the elimination of currently fundamental structures and orders is not new, in reality it is very similar to the principles of the capitalist anarchists. Those who, like me, have passed the age of fifty, have already witnessed the fall of historical ideals, but cannot yet know the speed of change and what they will see in the time that remains for them.

Personally, I look with amusement but also with disenchantment at the development of utopias that tend to imagine new forms of society or how to export the Promised Land, well aware of witnessing a parade of hypotheses of which I will hardly see the completion.



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