How to become a real alien


How to become a real alien



Sunday. Free roads and cyclists masters of the asphalt. There’s no traffic of cars, fumes, chaos. This is an unconscious addiction, like when you’re on vacation. You go out. Shops are closed and you feel uncomfortable because you have made the habit of free openings and you need them. It’s the alien that insinuates itself.


The relationship with the connection to a network has replaced the relationship with a person. You walk looking at your cell phone. You stop yourself to answer messages. Laugh alone for a Whatsapp audio. In the waiting rooms you speak loudly so that everyone can hear; often you activate the speakerphone so that everyone knows, and when you come back home, using the same screaming tone, maybe for an innocent question, you intimate your wife to do her own business.

They say this is rhetoric or, at least, I know people like that, but not me, it doesn’t look like me. So who are you?

My fucking business, is the answer. And then, with no little reason, go raving on social media. I tell all those who don’t make their own fucking business: do them!

What’s up brother? (Because basically we are all brothers and rightly we care about our social relatives) – Asks one of your circles.

Make your fucking business, you answer with no elegance.

You’re great, another one writes you (because basically we are all GREAT and rightly we worry about … ok, let’s stay).

Thank you, you answer, thank you all for the affection you show me every day. I understood an important thing tonight.

What? – Asks the first one.

I’m mine, you answer.

Meaning what? Asks for the usual, indefatigable participating of your emotional situation.

Make your own fucking business!


The idea of a continuous social connects to a world kept in the pocket but produces too much problems: in this society you have to be always reachable. Whatever it takes. At any cost, because advertising is looking for you. Numbers and lists, profiles and identities: we are everywhere, even on the cloud. We are so alone that we alone make a group, yet the existence, deprived of this aspect, appears distant. If Luigi Pirandello wrote today Il fu Mattia Pascal, he would make the portrait of an individual without technological gadgets because he would be non-existent detached from the world. The paradox is represented by the fact that, to believe we are alive, we need a shape far from our real nature.


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We escape with the aid of technology, without having a real destination or goal. The Cartesian formula “cogito ergo sum”, today becomes “I escape, so I’m”. The communication processes, thanks to social media or messages (and homogenisation in general), are replaced by slogans and emoticon. An image arrives before a formulated thought. Being alive is reduced to manifesting oneself under various forms of tendency. Silence, observation and reflection represent a considered situation, at best, of an irreversible coma.





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