The goniometer: everything is relative



I call it “the goniometer theory”. It’s the tool used for measuring angles, but also for weighing the absolute truth, that consideration many persons think to possess.

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 What is it about? We ideally place an idea, a shape or an image at the centre of the tool and we turn around it until we complete the rotation. As we move, colours and shadows of the object or of the concept placed at the center change.

 An example? You could say I’m not a great actor like Laurence Olivier. Yes, it’s true…maybe I’m not even a mediocre actor, for that matter. The reality is I’m not able to acting. But even if in this way we would free ourselves of so many monsters which claim to remain in the spotlight even if they’re completely unable, from another point of view (i.e. moving along the perimeter of the ideal goniometer) put the bar limits too high could prevent to many persons (or perhaps a few) to face the craft of acting and we would only remember the great Olivier!

Yes, I know, it’s just the relativity of things which still makes many angry. Cliches or stereotypes would vanished. Intellect would be deleted, leaving its place to opinions. In general, right and wrong are just points of view. To paraphrase Céline, we should reevaluate the fact we are wrong. In the era of phenomenality and perfection, all this is revolutionary. After all, wrong is like horns: we must know how to bring them.

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