Frankly, I belong to this society in spite of myself. It feels foreign to me, I ignore the direction taken and I do not understand its people, even if many say they do not understand me as well. We accept anything, showing off wisdom: it is useless to bear a grudge, it is better to survive as long as you can. In the end, like the bill, like grappa, like death, we console ourselves with this happy conclusion.

In the next lines, I will associate the terms freedom, democracy, and independence, which deserve further investigation and distinction, but in times of globalization, even language is subject to a withdrawal because a post is held within the limits established by communication: clear and concise. The first parameter here fades away, the second… hemm!

In our system, all theories that favor sales, often distorted and extrapolated from a different context, are recycled to legitimize purchase. Words are important and are not used at random. A slogan is like gospel. In a few lines are concentrated the cornerstones on which the consumer society rests: a reduced gap between wealth and poverty, consumer, television, advertising, object, and desire. The superfluous becomes a state of need.

The ideal metropolis of our time is made up of retail outlets and betting centers, where you can play and bet. We are soldiers on the front, enlisted in the holy war to keep the system alive.

When you enter a shopping mall, the temple of consumption, you seem to see a film on many dimensions, it seems to witness a transit of movements and spaces. It seems you can fly from one place to another recalled by objects and to be masters of the time. It seems that individual freedom has no limits. And so it is, in fact, but only to the point where the invisible leash gets. We are predisposed to a wireless connection, this partial independence is an elastic that keeps us tied to the cathedral of goods were to wash our soul with purchases and hen find peace again.

In this system, it seems you can buy anything, even freedom, in fact, fuelling the prophecy of slogans. Here democracy reigns, here the distances between the less wealthy and the wealthier are reduced, the offer is unlimited and there are no borders because the desire that could appear elitist, is now available to the masses.

The dream becomes tangible and concrete through the installments and loans. An e-mail address, a telephone number, any type of delivery address, they become a negotiating table, the induction to an always new desire. There was a time when if you wanted to make purchases, it was you who went to the store or to the service provider. Today, the financial companies and corporations look for you by phone and by email, do not give you respite. If you answer exasperated, they reply that they are working: but they are working inside your house.

Dear customerDownload for free!


The international democracies that are based on High Finance and on the Multinationals are showing increasingly narrow margins or perhaps they have always had them and now it is only evident. Yet there are those who argue that to really understand what freedom is, we should live in a totalitarian country. True, perhaps of freedom, everyone would pretend more than the other, accustomed as we are to be able to buy (and consume) everything and therefore also independence: the more money one has, the greater is the freedom one can possess (and therefore, consume).

The concept of feeling bad first to feel better afterward, however, reminds me of the joke of the guy who used to buy thigh shoes because the only relief left him, was to take them off in the evening.

In any case, ours is a freedom that is revealed with the cost.

I think there’s something you should know 

I think it’s time I stop the show 

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