Hypothesis: live without working





Most people have a job which doesn’t satisfy them, although it allows them to live. So they have to find happiness or accomplishment in other directions. The cost of live-in leads us to live on the brink of serenity and work only serves this.

The crush the work produces on the individual is the highest price to pay. Epicurus

When you are over a certain age, is common the question about happiness or how you have spent your life. Dreaming of a win which allows us to live as we want, doesn’t cost anything but it’s out of our hands. So what can we do directly, in the first person?

It’s a common place, but also an unmistakable truth: our time is a precious asset to ourselves – less for an employer who would find a replacement anyway – and its value increases when its size decreases. Obviously it’s an affective value, because in the labour market our time is lost in the vortex of recruitment and in the lack of employment, i.e. a satisfactory offer. Our space is closely tied up to the time we have in endowment. And today, we have less and less of it.

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In life they teach happiness is earning, so your choices will be addressed towards an occupation which allows you to accumulate enough to pay the costs of life itself. In this rat race we no longer see any beauty, or better, we don’t notice it. Not by blame. We do what the system suggests and lets us do. It tell us what we like.

The core of the consumer society is to fuel the desire, not to attain fulfilment: the watchword is to constantly desire. This is, in summary, everyone’s life.

A revolution involves sacrifices, risks, death and immortality, but the passing will arrive in any case. The first step of our change should be based on limiting desires or, better, selecting them and achieving a variable completeness for each of us. We should suspend expectations, judgements, not to make any assumptions, not even life and all actions we do every day, from walking to eating, from sleeping to watching.

Existence is a simple thing: we know we have a point of conclusion (missing where and when) and we should fill the empty space down to there. And complete that space with things look nice, a passion, a charme, but also… a beer, if anything. We have to make your own existence like a work of art.

There is nothing terrible in life for those who really know there’s nothing to fear in not living anymore. So is a fool who says he is afraid of death, not so much because his arrival will make him suffer, but because he’s afraid of its continued expectation. A thing which, once present, doesn’t disturb us, unwisely expected drives us crazy.

Death, the most atrocious of all evils, doesn’t exist for us. When we live there’s no death; when death is present, we are not. It’s nothing for living and for dead.

Epicurus – Letter on Happiness – Epicurus



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