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Enrico Mattioli

Enrico Mattioli

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I define myself a voice and not a writer. What I do is sending messages through texts. I draw my plots from the conflict between the characters and the surrounding environment. To narrate the jars is what I intend to do with my books.

Since I was an adolescent I needed an art form which can allowed me to express myself. During the school years I played in a rock blues band and even if today I don’t know how to tune a guitar, the passion for music has remained the same.

I started my career as a humorist. After a ten-year experience as a union delegate, I got into themes like job, professions and arts. Humour and social, therefore, live together in his books.


The stories I tell are plausible, set in the suburbs, at the bus stop or little neighborhood train stations, in a mall or in a bar. My characters turn out to be defeated, isolated, disillusioned, inconsistent with the environment, are figures looking for a sense which is either forbidden or adverse.

I like to think that the posts collected here are regulated by punctuation as if they were part of a single preposition. I will write about literature, publishing industry, my books and e-books, music, everyday stories and art in general.

Well, think of my post as a blues song: if I can communicate or get you feel emotion, I did my job.




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