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The end of the pain

The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you   I’m a sleeping dog. Sometimes I bite when someone shakes me. You can understand much more by the expressions of person than from the words he/she says. A thousand faces who know nothing about the other one, meet each other at the same time, in…

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The goniometer: everything is relative

    A gift for you: DEAR CUSTOMER   Understand you are wrong, the world is full of people who are right. That’s why it rots. Louis-Ferdinand Céline   I call it “the goniometer theory”. It’s the tool used for measuring angles, but also for weighing the absolute truth, that consideration many persons think tp…

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Originality of the animal

  A gift for you: DEAR CUSTOMER   The ones I love the most are the people who have probably not even completed the fourth grade, that is, the absolutely simple people. I’m not saying this as a rhetoric. The petit-bourgeois culture, at least in my country (but perhaps also in France and Spain), is…

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How to Export the Promised Land

  A gift for you: DEAR CUSTOMER   Latin America and Africa Years ago I read the book by Gianni Minà, Continente Desaparecidos. The text dealt with the theme of misery and wars in the world: if two economic formats such as communism and socialism have failed, can we say that capitalism has triumphed? Famine…

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Amusement Park

      The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you   In my book On my generation, there is a passage in which I refer to Amusement Park: Who was there before, before? – I wonder. In fact I needed the Amusement Park up to twenty-five years and more. I never stopped going,…

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One, nobody and Facebook

  The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you I know people who have deleted themselves from Facebook and are still alive!   It’s just a joke, but it expresses the wonder of the world which continues beyond social media. Sometimes, the most obvious things seem out of reach. At the bottom of everything,…

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We’ll miss you to death: funeral on television

The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you   In the sea of format Lack of creativity. Very bad ideas. Common sense which can’t be found. Every type of reality is broadcast on television. In a little time we will also watch funerals. Everything will be perfect. Testimonies of childhood and adolescent friendships. The…

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Write a book and make a book

The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you Differences There’s a difference between writing a book and making a book, as reported by a witty post by Susanna Casale in which she talks about the book of the artist. An object must communicate with all its parts, i.e. forms, material used, color, layout. The…

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How to become a real alien

    A gift for you: DEAR CUSTOMER THE ALIEN Sunday. Free roads and cyclists masters of the asphalt. There’s no traffic of cars, fumes, chaos. This is an unconscious addiction, like when you’re on vacation. You go out. Shops are closed and you feel uncomfortable because you have made the habit of free openings…

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Americas between dreams, agreements, legends

The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you White men Anyone, despite theirselves, is soaked with America. We are western oriented by lineage, tied to the star-spangled flag by inviolable agreements. We belong, for reasons that we did not choose, to the Yankee area. We are, whether we like it or not, the white…

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