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  I BROKE MY CHAKRA – INTRODUCTION – Teacher, what beautiful plants you put in the hall… – Yes… – Make this place even more mystical… – Uhm… – It looks like a garden… – Mmm…maybe a vegetable garden… – In this place it’s naturaò to relax, it’s a fantastic experience, it seems to be…

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  I BROKE MY CHAKRA – INTRODUCTION – Sometimes I struggle to understand the Teacher… – What do you mean? – It seems really dark… – Brando, now that you make me think about it… – Can you always understand him? – Only when he doesn’t talk… – Oh… well, evidently there’s no homeopathy yet…

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The absolute truth

  I BROKE MY CHAKRA – INTRODUCTION – Teacher, I decided to pursue tenaciously the bright way that leads to absolute truth…  – Om… – … I wanna ” have it” at all costs: my friends in the club will be green with envy… – Om… – … and then, Teacher, money is not a…

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  I BROKE MY CHAKRA – INTRODUCTION Brenda: – Teacher, I have to admit, since I do meditation I feel really good… Teacher: – Om… Brenda: -… I’m relaxed, happy, and then you know you’re right? The past doesn’t exist! Teacher: – Om… Brenda: – When I go out, I don’t have to think about…

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  I BROKE MY CHAKRA – INTRODUCTION Brando: – Teacher, usually in my life I set goals… Teacher: – Om… Brando: – … reaching goals… Teacher: – Om… Brando: – … to excel, modestly… Teacher: – Om… Brando: – … because in the hectic daily life, you have to get results… Teacher: – Om… Brando:…

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The lost chakra

  I BROKE MY CHAKRA – INTRODUCTION Brando: – Teacher, I went jogging yesterday, but when I came back I had six chakras instead of seven… Teacher: – Om… Brando: – I think I lost a chakra during jogging… Teacher: – Om… Brando: – … so I went back and I retraced the whole road……

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Chakra pain

  I BROKE MY CHAKRA – INTRODUCTION Brenda: – Teacher? A chakra hurts me… Teacher: – Om… Brenda: -… the one inside the throat… Teacher: – Om… Brenda: – Mmm… maybe it’s the after-effects of flu, Teacher… Teacher: – Om… Brenda: – Do you think I have to go to the doctor? Teacher: – Om……

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I broke my chakra – Introduction

    Brenda: – Are you listening to me? Teacher? Why don’t you answer to me? Teacher: – – Because I broke my chakra!       Chakra… this stranger. Why a format? I’ve practicing yoga for a few years and I’ve followed various meditation, courses, after a first approach to texts related to the…

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Africa, the future isn’t utopia

A gift for you: DEAR CUSTOMER TELEVISION Thirty-three years have passed since the Live Aid solidarity project. It was the first big meeting live on TV, ninety-five percent of televisions connected from all over the planet. The world of rock tightened in support of Africa. In general, my controversy about television doesn’t concern the proposed…

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The end of the pain

The first chapters of Stars of dust: A gift for you   I’m a sleeping dog. Sometimes I bite when someone shakes me. You can understand much more by the expressions of person than from the words he/she says. A thousand faces who know nothing about the other one, meet each other at the same time, in…

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