Americas between dreams, agreements, legends


Le Americhe



White men americas

Anyone, despite theirselves, is soaked with America. We are western oriented by lineage, tied to the star-spangled flag by inviolable agreements.

We belong, for reasons that we did not choose, to the Yankee area. We are, whether we like it or not, the white men. We unconsciously maintain the same conceit with which our ancestors departed to face the Native Americans. The idea of ​​progress hidden behind civilization, legitimized the extermination of the Native people by the first Europeans (Spaniards, French and English above all) who set foot on the new continent.

In the following centuries, those who went to multiply in those lands, generated the American people. This in brief, the story. Civilization wanted the fight against the Native would persevere in accordance with a culture that was consolidating.


Native Americans

Among the principles of the North American Natives, we find the renunciation of land ownership. The conception of community which is the extension of the family. The relationship among the conception of the world, the social order, and the relations with the environment. The concept of time and a religiosity conceived as equity among every living form: trees, animals, plants, are brothers and sisters for the Natives. The very first Native Americans believed that truth knew how to defend itself from desecration.

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The Native populations were many and each with its own philosophy and spirituality. Their origins were ancient. It is attested that the first settlements of man in North America occurred between ten thousand and seventy thousand years ago, but we need to make a time warp (at least until a few centuries ago), to get to the crux of the question: the Native American is essentially a man who works for his own needs and not to exploit resources, accumulate and reinvest profit. He does not fence the cultivated fields nor erects borders. The European conqueror, drunk with superiority, makes claims on those lands because the resources are not exploited properly: those inhabitants are not worthy to live on that soil.

The extermination of the Native American lasted (considering the landing of Columbus in 1492), from the first Spanish settlements of 1521 in Florida, until the end of 1890 with the death of Sitting Bull and then the massacre of Wounded Knee.

The Native population was now reduced to a few inoffensive thousands, weakened by slavery and restrictions. However, thinking of all these tribes as if they were unarmed peoples is obviously wrong. The Native American was indeed a warrior who defended himself from invasions and violations.



Now, to consider things from a more opportune perspective, one must overcome the concept of personal existence on Earth: the Yankee has patience. It took about three hundred and fifty years to reduce the Native people to silence and to erase their culture and religion. He invested time to defeat Nazism and prolong a world conflict that would also weaken the European allies to whose he succeeded as an economic and political guide. The Yankee has failed in Vietnam, but he has treasured the defeat. The American financial and military structure considers war as a format.


Dream, art, travel

American literature, and thus cinema and music, are characterized by artists who have challenged the American dream. I love the conjunction that starts from the Mississippi delta, passes through Nashville, Memphis and gives rise to rock and roll. I love blues. Jazz. Broadway, Manhattan. Movies. Just as I love American fiction. Bukowski and Fante, Carver and Kerouac.

Each of us retains a predisposition and can call it America. It is only a condition of the soul and it’s America that I love.