N. 4 - Mister Canapone - selection

Translated by Emilia Maiella

- Why does she jump the line?

- This is the line for those who don’t want to queue.

- What does it mean?

- You understand my language, white man?

- How dare you, you wretch… I’m calling the manager!

- Please go, be quick and bring some acquaintance, so he can fill my curriculum!



 - What’s happening?

- Are you the manager?

- Yes, how can I help you?

- Your cashier is very rude!

- No, what are you talking about? He’s our main attraction, just think: there is people who queue just have him insult them!

- Mah… what is this place?

- Well, look… you need to diversify the offer, our checkout park is the most original on the market, just think that we choose them with certain featuring after a severe selection!

- Bah… I can’t imagine who are the others!


 - Canapone, now that we are alone, I’m telling you I’m tired of covering you up and saying bullshit to the customers, clear?

- I don’t get it, manager…

- Oh, you don’t get it? Well, I just prepared yet another disciplinary action against you…

- But, manager…

- Scared, uh?

- No, it’s not about the disciplinary action, at all… it’s just that I already had four this month, another one would ruin my average grade.

- Your average grade?

- Yes manager: wouldn’t you please keep it warm until the beginning of next month?

- There is always a disciplinary action kept warm for you, don’t worry about that, mister Canapone!



© Enrico Mattioli 2018