N. 3 - Miss Lola - Horoscope

Lilli Capavota

Translated by Emilia Maiella

- Good morning.

- Mah… if it’s a good morning for you…

- I just greeted you.

- Yes, but there’s no empathy between us, or else you’d never say good morning to me.

- Miss, I’m no psychologist…

- About that, working with people, some help from a specialist could be useful!

- Oh dear: why?

- Nervous system suffers too many blows!

- They should allow you some benefits, then.

- I wish! We are too emotionally exposed and that causes problems.

- Everybody has problems. You just have to leave them behind.

- Whatever, like I didn’t say anything. You didn’t get my mood.

- No, I didn’t.

- You said good morning, but sometimes you have to think before you speak.

- Please, explain. Now I’m curious.

- It’s clearly not a good morning. 

- I figured that out, but I don’t understand all the rest.

- You don’t watch TV, do you?

- Well, it happens that I work for the radio.

- Yes, alright… so, I was going out when they passed the horoscope on TV.

- Are you a Libra?

- Yes, how you… well of course, you can see I’m elegant, classy…

- I can see indeed…

- Bah… anyway, they only gave me two stars this month, can you believe it?

- I see…

- No, you don’t: otherwise you wouldn’t have given me your reckless good morning and you would have gone to another check-out!

- I came to you because it’s the only check-out open at 8 a.m.

- Oh, so you came to me because I was the only one available?

- Unfortunately yes, Miss. 

- Ah, but I’m going on leave or, given my adverse fate, I can take a sick leave… otherwise I’m going to run away, I don’t know, California maybe...

- Can you go after I pay my check?

- Card or cash?

- Credit card, Miss…

- Can you give me the card… Mrs… Simona La Perla? The astrologist on the radio? 

- Yes, that’s me.

- Uh, but I follow you everyday.

- Really?

- Yes, because I’m kind of a witch, and also a bit meteoropathic, empathic… 

- Ah, I see...

- Miss La Perla, please tell me something good about Libras!

- On Libras? Measure, tare and equilibrium… Miss… ?

- Capovolta! I’m Lola Capovolta!

- Good Lola, remember: the horoscope is no verdict.


Tare and equilibrium for Libras? She mocked me and then, she’s not that good. By the way, I’m putting the sign, so people will get it.


Patrons are reminded this checkout will give irregular service due to astrological issues of the operator. We apologize for the inconvenience.



© Enrico Mattioli 2018