N. 21 - Saturn


- Good morning Pinocchia.

- Bye, manager.

- Pinocchia!

- Oh… manager… I mean: Good morning. 

- Uh, here it is.

- Did you sleep well, manager?

- Wonderfully, Pinocchia

- I’m happy about it, manager: hurray!

- Did you arrange the posters in the shop windows?

- Yes, I did.

- In the elevator too?

- Of course.

- Did you clean the shopping carts?

- Yes, sir.

- Good. How does my tie look?

- The knot is too tight, manager.

- Fix it, please.

- Of course, manager.

- Well, don’t get too close, Pinocchia…

- Ehm, but if I have to make you the knot…

- And don’t touch me too much…

- But you’re nervous, manager…

- Pinocchia, how many times do I have to say that working in contact with people is a serious business?

- Yeah, I know, I see… Ugh!

- Come on, Pinocchia, hurry up… people are looking at us…

- Manager, I think you have a problem!

- Problem? What problem, Pinocchia?

- Are you sure you don’t have Saturn in opposition?

- What do you mean with Saturn in opposition?

- Saturn is the master that gives punishments…

- By Jove! Are you sure?

- Sure, manager…

- It’s a tragedy… I’ll  go to my office, Pinocchia, hold my calls!




- Chicca?

- Good morning, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience, manager. Please, tell me, manager.

- Dial the doctor’s number and pass it on my line. Now!

- Of course, manager, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. But, what is going on? Do you feel sick?

- Let it go, Chicca, it’s a serious problem…

- Here it is, manager, the doctor is coming, in a few minutes he’ll be here… thank you and sorry for the inconvenience…




- Dear doctor, it’s such a relief to see you…

- What’s going on, manager?

- Oh, doctor, I woke up in a good mood, but then I found out I have Saturn in opposition…

- Well, it’s not dangerous… you have to take three drops of Spasmacon, to push away negative vibrations, then three glasses of dehumidified water – you can take some from the air conditioning’s bin – and squeeze half of a lemon in it: you’ll see, within half an hour you’ll feel fine, manager!

- You know, doctor, I didn’t even started the therapy and I already feel better?

 - Well of course, manager, the… science is never wrong!

- Thank you, doctor, thank you!



© Enrico Mattioli 2018