N. 2 - Mister Vacca - Aggression


Translated by Emilia Maiella 

Vacca: - Can you please make the kid shut up? I have to work and my head aches…

Man in the line: - I’m sorry.

Vacca: - You’re sorry but the kid is still messing around…

Man in the line: - You have to be patient with kids…

Vacca: - … and what if I get the counts wrong?

Man in the line: - Whatever, you are right. You don’t have kids, don’t you?

Vacca: - Aside from the fact that I have two little daughters, it’s not your business…

Man in the line: - Oh God, what a prickly man!

Vacca: - That’s because I’m a discreet person. 

Man in the line: - Alright. I need four bags. 

Vacca: - Why do you need any bag if you have a carriage?

Man in the line: - Does it bother you even to give me some bags?  

Vacca: - No it doesn’t, but you make too many weird requests...

Man in the line: - You got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, uh… ?

Vacca: - My private life is none of your business!

Man in the line: - You are amazing: are you serious?

Vacca: - Who?

Man in the line: - No, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter.

Vacca: - Mmmh… 

Man in the line: - I pay with credit card.

Vacca: - One thing at a time. I already have to make this count, which is long enough, and then we’ll see if it’s possible…

Man in the line: - “We’ll see if it’s possible” my foot. I pay with credit card!

Vacca: - The connection with the bank comes and goes...

Man in the line: - That’s not my problem, I'm warning you I’ll pay with credit card…

Vacca: - Listen, you don’t need to repeat things again and again, I’m not stupid!

Manager: - Vacca, what’s the problem? 

Vacca: - There is this guy here who’s threating me and insulting me!

Man in the line: - First thing, I’m not this guy here, try to learn how to manage with customers. Mr. Manager, you cashier is obstructing everything, it bothers him even to give me a bag… and then I didn’t insulted or threaten anybody!

Vacca: - No, you really said I'm WARING you I’ll pay with credit card! Everybody heard it, and then you repeated it many times, like implying I’m someone who doesn’t get a thing!

Manager: - Vacca, stop! Can you please end it? Get back on your work and work off the line. And apologize to the customer!

Vacca: - No, I won’t apologize with anybody. At this point, I refuse to cash his groceries and I’ll go to the toilet.

Manager: - Vacca, if you throw a tantrum again I’ll submit a suspension. I’m fed up with your freak-outs. We can't go on like this!

Vacca: - It's all that kid’s fault, who made a fuss while I was having a headache!

Manager: - What kid, Vacca? 

Vacca: - That guy’s son… assuming that he’s actually his son, he doesn’t even look like him!

Man in the line: - Manager, please get him away from me before I rip this fool’s head off! 

Vacca: - Have you heard him, manager? He’s insulting and threating me, I don’t know what else to say. It was better if I didn’t leave the bed this morning!

Manager: - I agree with that, Vacca. 

Vacca: - Can you see? When you use your brain, you agree with me! It was a bald-faced aggression, manager…





© Enrico Mattioli 2018