N. 19 - Something in common

Leopoldo Canapone

- Where is the comptroller? I'm waiting for five minutes...


- I'm in a hurry!

- Here I am!

- Eh, but where did you go?

- I was stocking the shelves, madam.

- You shouldn't move. People can't wait for your own needs...

- I was working and then, if we start discussing, you'll lose more time...

- Ah, you're a rude man!

- Maybe you'll not believe it, they hold me for this reason!

- And you're also very unpleasant...

- If we employees were writing a list of customers' liking, even if you were the last one. Do you see we have something in common?

- How dare you to insult me in front of my grandson? Marlon, come on, don't hear this lout...

- How did you say it's call this kind of baby?

- Marlon, why?

- I bet you have a granddaughter called Brenda!

- I have a granddaughter, but her name is Sharon.

- Sure, Sharon: all names that somehow trend, what's more?

- What do you want?

- People like you are the ruin of this society, the mediocrity that becomes common; you are the dull fashion, the bottomless sordidness, you are trend-addicted

- One moment...

- What?

- By chance, do you know Walter?

- And who would be this Walter?

- My daughter's husband.

- And why should I know him?

- Oh, but do you know you're right?

- Meaning what?

- I always told Loredana not to marry that idiot and that with time she would fall behind him. Within me, I felt things you said. Do you study sociology or something similar?

- No. Only… cashier. That is, I'm just a supermarket cashier.

- Oh, not a simple cashier, though: you're a super cashier!

- Thank you.

- You're welcome. I greet you and wish you a good day. It's a pleasure to share something which lies in our deep. Goodbye.

- Have a nice day.


Crazy stuff! I have to be more careful when I tug on some heartstrings. That nana has vanished my provocation efforts. Never received so many compliments all together: what a shitty day!



© Enrico Mattioli 2018