N. 18 - Special offers

- Manager, why did you call us beyond the working hours?

- So I call you to show the new promotion of SuperPeople Supermarkets. The name says it all!

- Well, but why this show in grand style?

- Yours is a smart question, Lady Poffin. Well… this will be a special promotion.

- Yeah... by the way, how is this promotion called?

- Well, another smart question, Dello Straccio. Bravo!

- And so?

- Hold on to your hats. The name is Be bop!

- Be bop?

- Yes, Canapone. Isn't it fantastic?

- Well...

- I see doubts...

- No, no, Manager, good morning thanks and sorry. What doubts… it's really a good name for a promotion, though, good morning and sorry.

- Oh, Thank God you, Chicca, can look beyond...

- Thank you very much, Manager.

- You're welcome, Chicca.

- Sorry, manager.

- Nothing Chicca.

- And good morning.

- And thank you, Chicca!

- You're welcome, Manager...

- Stop, Chicca… but there's also a musical spot you'll have to learn!

- No, Manager, not the spot...

- Yes, Canapone, the spot is...

- And what would be the spot?

- The spot is this: be bop, who marvels our discounts; be bop, you will not believe yet it's true! What do you think about it?

- Eh…

- Ah…

- I still see doubts… maybe you didn't listen to it with careful. Do you want I sing it for you again?

- No, Manager, it's beautiful!

- Oh, thank you, Chicca, if you weren't here...

- Thank you very much, Manager.

- You're welcome, Chicca.

- And good morning, Manager.

- Good morning to you, Chicca. But it's not over...

- Ah...

- Eh...

- Yes, there are also our wonderful slogans!

- For example?

- For example, dear Dello Straccio, I'll declaim you all verse of the slogan for cosmetics!

- Wow for cosmetics, Manager, thank you very much!

- You're Welcome, Chicca.

- Good morning, Manager.

- Good morning, Chicca. So, do I read?

- Yes Manager...

- Thank you, Chicca...

- Thanks to you, Manager...

- So:

Be Bop to Beauty:

the whole cosmetic line for the care of your body!

Ask Be Bop points for the contest!

A Be Bop trick on your face to make you more fascinating into your him eyes!

Come to our Be Bop stores!

 - But it's wonderful, Manager!

- And it's not over!

- Oh...

- Ah...

- Eh...

- Uh...

- Ih...

- Yup! Think the SuperPeople supermarket chain, to make you feel more affiliated with the company, decided each of you will adopt the business suffix "super" in front of your last name. Happy?

- Ah...

- Eh...

- Oh...

- Uh...

- Ih...

- Meaning what, Manager? Can you explain it better?

- Of course, Miss Capovolta. So:

you will be SuperCapovolta;

Canapone will be SuperCanapone;

Chicca will be SuperChicca;

Pinocchia will be SuperPinocchia;

Ciccio dello Straccio will be SuperCiccio;

Lady Poffin will be SuperPoffin;

Vacca will be SuperVacca.

What is it, Vacca, why raise your hand like a school?

- Manager, I don't like SuperVacca.

- Why doesn't it like you? Vacca, are you crazy? But it's beautiful...

- No, I… to me… huh? It doesn't convince me...

- Eh, it doesn't convince you… by now, Vacca, it's decided. After all, it's not anyone's fault if your last name is Vacca!

- Well, but it's not my fault too.

- Yet, I have the right solution for you, Vacca.

- By which you mean?

- I will call you VaccaSuper!

- Eh, Manager, VaccaSuper seems better than SuperVacca!

- Do you see Vacca? In Supermarkets SuperPeople, we also sell solutions!

- Eh… thank you Manager. Indeed, I really feel VaccaSuper!


© Enrico Mattioli 2018