N. 16 - Clarifications


- Mr. Dello Straccio is wanted in the office!

- Tell me, Mr. Manager. Here I am, I'm ready, agile and industrious.

- Go out and call the boy asking for charity at the parking.

- Why, Mr. Director? What happened?

- Don't worry, Dello Straccio, it's my business.

- I'm going.




- Here I am, Manager. Could I bring him in?

- Yes, and leave us alone.

- Perfect, Mr. Manager.

- Good morning. Are you in charge of parking?

- Yes, I am.

- Good. Then, let's come: you place yourself at the enter of the point of sale and greet people. From this gesture, you ask people to tip you. Is it right?

- Really, Manager, I don't expect. I ask for food.

- No, I don't discuss the practice. I discuss the theory. If you want money because you greet, at this point I greet you and we're even. Right? Or, don't greet me at all, and it's the same to me, indeed: we don't know each other, don't we?

- Manager, I ask for a gesture of solidarity to eat.

- I understand you want to eat, but what does that mean? Be clear and ask for the money! Don't use the sly means of greeting, otherwise we will become charity a kind and good job as everyone else.

- Manager, I don't understand...

- The problem, my dear, is some people have complained, you wouldn't happen to you've been a bit aggressive, wouldn't you?

- I attack? No, manager, I just ask for some coins and stay there calm...

- I don't know, maybe you showed a fierce face...

- This is only my face. What can I do?

- You have to be quite and serene. I'm not here to send you away. I just want a discussion because I care about relationships.

- Yes, Manager, I understand, I also don't want to scare a person.

- So we worked it out, didn't we?

- Yes, Manager. But there's no need.

- No, there's a need!

- Then I'll go, Manager.

- Good. And… I ask you a secret thing.

- Say, Manager, say...

- But you don't say this secret thing around.

- No, Manager, I don't say. Say, say to me...

- From tomorrow… find me a place for my car. I'm tired of waiting for half an hour. This car park is always full.

- You don't worry, Manager. Tomorrow you will find a place.

- So we worked it out, didn't we?

- Yes, Manager. All clear.

- Last thing.

- Say, Manger, say.

- Do you know someone who washes machine for friendship?

- Yes, Manager, my friend washes the car.

- Then can I use your help?

- Of course, Manager.

- So we worked it out, didn't we?

- Yes, Manager, all clear.

- Well, I know you're a good person.


© Enrico Mattioli 2017