N. 15 - Problems of consciousness

Leopoldo Canapone

- I'm really tired of this life. It's not easy, it's not that easy at all.

- I know. I understand you. Do you want an envelope?

- No thanks. I brought it... you see, I lost my wife on the eve of the golden wedding. I'm alone. I can do everything in house, but I'm tired of pulling on.

- Do you have children?

- Yes, three, but they all have to do. For heaven's sake, I understand them, but now talk to them and see them has become more complicated than talking to the president!

- I'm so sorry.

- The other day I saw a science fiction film.

- I don't like science fiction...

- Yes, but listen… it was the story of a particular hospital where was possible die.

- How would it be, where to die?

- Yes, where a person, when is tired of life or sick and can't take it anymore, can go to this hospital.

- Ok. Go ahead.

- There's not much to add. You go into a room where they play a music.

- What type of music? That is, can you choose?

- I don't know, in the movie there was a relaxing music. You kept listening to this preparatory music.

- Preparatory?

- But Canapone, do you listen to me? Preparing for death. They gave you an injection and you listened to music until...

- I understand. Do you know it's not bad? Sometimes, looking at this shit world, also death can be sweet.

- Yeah, you have to be in that situation. Even though I have a problem of conscience.

- That is?

- Only God can take life away or give it. I don't know if it's right to make certain choices.

- Dunno! But do you know how to tell you?

- Tell me.

- There are some songs of Jimi Hendrix, of the Led Zeppelin, and there's one of the Beatles on Sgt. Pepper entitled She’s living home, all done with viola and violins, and if one has to die, well, those would be nice things like last thing to listen to: in my opinion, in paradise they listen to that stuff...

- Ah, well, yes… I like jazz, Canapone...

- So why don't you go to the tape library in the center when you finish here and taking a good jazz CD to listen to in the afternoon?

- I'll do it, Canapone.

- It's like being in heaven without getting too far away, right?

- Yeah. That's, in a manner of speaking, Canapone, so ...thanks for your words. Sometimes you impress me...

- Oh, sometimes I impress myself too...


© Enrico Mattioli 2017