N. 14 - Prank call


- Hello: Supermarkets SuperPeople, good morning thanks and excuses thousands. Can I be of any assistance?

- There's a bomb at the point of sale which can explode at any moment.

- Well, thank you very much for the information, but who speaks?

- What does it mean?

- Thanks, you have to tell me who's speaking, otherwise I can't start the emergency. Do you understand?

- No, I don't. If I say there's a bomb, you need to get everybody out of there: what would be this new?

- You see, dear love, there are procedures without which we don't proceed. Do you understand, excuse me a thousand?

- No.

- That is, I can't take you seriously. Excuse me and thank you very much, sweetness!

- How don't you take me seriously? I'm a certified bomber!

- Ah, good. Good morning my dear. So give me a serial number...

- Bah… I have the right to anonymity...

- Look, good morning and sorry again. About the matter of the rights, in you I wouldn't insist, and then we can say there are also duties. Can you tell me at least if you are calling personally, in the name of a society or a subversive group?

- What does it mean?

- It means, good morning and thank you, I have to put you in the list and schedule the event. Before that I can't accept your request. Do you understand me? I'm sorry and thank you very much, but you have been doing this job for a while now?

- Yes, in a manner of speaking it's a second job… but I'm the bomber and I gave you the information, then you take the responsibility of what might happen...

- Yeah, it's soon to say bomber, for me you could be anyone… Hello? hello, good morning thank you and excuse me, do you hear me? Hello?

- Hello?

- Hello. Do you hear me? Good morning very much?

- The line comes and goes, it's very disturbed...

- Yes, in fact, now I hear you again, good morning.

- Good morning. Yes, it's there's no signal here in warehouse...

- How would it be in warehouse? Good morning and excuse me a thousand: but are you Vacca?

- ...

- Hello? Good morning, I'm sorry: Vacca? Vacca answer me, thank you very much!

- ...

 - Mr. Vacca is wanted in the office with the utmost urgency, good morning!

- Here I am!

- Vacca, good morning and sorry, but are you crazy about making these phone calls? Thank you so much.

- What calls?

- Do you think I'm dummy? Good morning, thank you so much and sorry!

- But I…

- You also gave me a stroke: but why are you doing these jokes?

- Well, I... I...

- And you and you and you... Vacca: sorry, huh!

- Anyway, it wasn't a joke...

- So excuse me Vacca. If it wasn't a joke what was it?

- I don't know. It is there's too much dullness in this world and I… and then, Canapone told me to call, I didn't do anything. I just put the voice, but the idea was of Canapone. For theoretical things you have to talk to him!

- Vacca, let's finish it here, go to work, go...

- Well... but sorry Chicca, how did you recognize me through the phone? I also put a cap...



© Enrico Mattioli 2018