N. 1 - Lady Poffin - The queue


Translated by Emilia Maiella 

Lady Poffin: - The girl in the red coat, please get ahead the line. 

Male customer: - How come the girl can jump the line?

LP: - How come, how come, how come… because yes! I manage the line and I know what must be done.

Following customer: - But the sir is right. This way there is no reason to get in line at all. 

LP: - So that’s sisterhood, uh? I can get his whining, he’s a man, but not yours, my dear and lovely…

Following customer: - Sisterhood what? We are all in a hurry here.

LP: - Can’t you see in what state that girl is in? Hey, come here, don’t hide yourself. Look at her: pregnant people, be they men or women, jump the line. That’s the rule in a civilized country. Clear?

Girl in the red coat: - Thanks, but actually… I’m just a bit overweight. 

LP: - Uh… just a bit? Are you sure you are not pregnant? You have a gaze that… You know, I have four children, I know what I say.

Girl in the red coat: - No, I’m telling you… I’m just robust. And also… I’m sure ma’am. 

LP: - How can you be so sure? You are a bit presumptuous, my dear and lovely girl…

Girl in the red coat: - I can’t have children, ma’am. I assure you...

LP: - Bah! Whatever, then wait your turn: let the fat girl get back in the line! By the way, you could be pregnant, dear. Get your paper done, don’t waste your time. My colleague Lola, the one in the last check-out, she is so nice… 

Following customer: - Nice show, compliments, ma’am.

LP: - Obese or pregnant, fertile or sterile, it’s always a condition. Don’t be so sarcastic my dear lady...






© Enrico Mattioli 2018