Stars of dust


Are we the architects of our destiny or do the plots of our lives escape us lefting us impotent in the face of fate? Sometimes it happens that, despite a fierce commitment, the results are not those hoped for. In the attempt of having no regrets you can sacrifice your whole life to realize that time is not a good friend for anyone. Riccardo Nola, the main character of Stars of Dust, after a cruel childhood, discovers as a teenager that acting can have therapeutic effects. The undergrowth of the show business, however, turns out to be a dark forest, where you cannot easily orientat yourself. Rick has a natural talent for choosing bad partners and workmates. This gift accompanies him along the path of his artistic career. Actor graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, his worry is to only work on commercials, due to the bad offices of a manager who brings a nefarious name: Al Sapone. Yet, his friends love him, envy him, confuse his precarious life for adventure. After making little artistic experiences, Riccardo is forced to get by by working in the local market, but you cannot control your heart: being bored, he is charmed by a vague project of his friend and colleague Thomas Albergari of Polonghera, from noble origins and wealthy family. The plan consists in bringing on stage (actually, on the road, on public transport or in the squares), monologues taken from a book about the Expedition of the Thousand of Garibaldi, which led them from the capital to Sicily. While the General managed to unify the country, however, the paths of Thomas and Richard will take different directions.


Documentation work meets many resistances. Few people willingly accept that an outsider insinuates himself into their operating environment to try and reproduce it. Many will find in that attempt aspects treated marginally, they will question their authenticity. Stars of dust, is a story on the show business environment. The compulsory claim of the maximum result with the least effort is a widespread seed. Instead, it would be advisable to repeat that you do not always achieve certain results: it is a wrong equation. Sometimes, unfortunately, even in the case of prolonged efforts, things do not happen due to disparate or unknown reasons.


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