Cages - chapter seven


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Morning. Today I have a day off. I'll go to the post office, I have decided to donate my five per thousand to Begonia, an association for the free care of the incurably ill. The administrative office of a work place, since it's a company, is also a withholding agent, and is bound to hand over your envelope to the State Agency of Revenue. Baresi says no. After repeating my concept that a company is a withholding agent and must hand over my envelope, he keeps refusing: his point of view and the administration one are the same, adding that the office can hardly be bothered to every purpose.
Now I'm at a post office, because even (and especially) a post office is required to deliver your envelope directly to the Revenue. I realize that in my home area there there's no information center, or maybe, if there is, I haven't find it, and in any case there is no one to ask for it. I stay in queue. As usual,  some people ahead of me, one guy who has to send twenty recommended mail. My turn comes. The postal clerk is not aware of the practice concerning the five per thousand. He has to ask his manager. I wait. He comes back and tells me that they can not accept the message envelope by hand, so I have to take the right envelope in a stationery or stamps store.

I exit the postal office and go to a stamps store, I ask for the right envelope. The clerk doesn't understand. I explain that it's the envelope to donate the five per thousand to associations chosen by the registrant, but since I don't have the 730(1), but only a Cud, the above model doesn't contemplate the envelope I need.

[1] Pre-printed form for your tax return


The clerk tells me that, unfortunately, I have to buy the entire file for the tax return, the 730. I tell him that I only need the damn envelope and he replies that maybe he has some, but in the confusion of the store he wouldn't know where to find them.

Noticed my disappointment, he suggests me to look at the shelf on the wall. After a careful look, I find it. The clerk is surprised: then we had one!

I pay. Exit. Again, back to the post office. I take another number. I diligently remain in line. My turn comes. The clerk tells me that it's, again, the first time that an envelope for the five per thousand comes in his hands, and has to ask, again, to the director. I wait, he returns. He informs me that they have to find the folder where to put that kind of action, otherwise, how can they do it?

I still wait. Five minutes pass, he returns. He tells me that they found it, and now they are taking it. He returns. They took it. He explains that I must do the receipt because it's - again - the first time that a similar case happens. I fill out the receipt. I deliver it, and get out. While on the road, I call the girl of the Patronato to ask about the answer regarding the allowance of Gaetano.


© Enrico Mattioli 2018